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About Angeleen

The Writer Behind Sages and Pages

I (Angeleen - she/her) am the author behind all the writing you'll find here on Sages and Pages. 

I am an emerging writer with a few pieces that have been published or performed. (To access links to those still available click on “Published Works” in the header).

With a Goldilocks flair I am often too hot or too cold and very rarely "just right". Which makes living in Minnesota a life filled with temperature-based discomfort. I will always layer - cardigans and hoodies among my favorites.  I spend my time reading, writing, driving to think, cursing, playing outside, and binge-watching TV.

As an adoptee and Black bi-racial woman, family, identity, and race are common topics for me to explore. More than that I try to question how we're taught to view the world and try to see it for what is.

Results may vary.

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About Sages & Pages

This is a little place to share my reflections on life. It's constantly in progress. In the corporate world, they'd call it a 'living document'. That seems right, it lives and changes with each post a snapshot of a bigger picture. As that larger landscape comes into view, the snapshots change.

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