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Writing Until It Makes Sense

A mix of creative writing and reflective pieces on topics like family, identity, adoption, and race.

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Favorite Pieces

A piece reflecting on race and definition of self.

A prose piece on my adoptive mother's passing.

A prose piece on childhood, motherhood, and well, responsibility.

A personal essay about developing my racial identity as a mixed race adoptee.

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Newest Additions

A poem about loving a heart made complicated by life. So, you know, everyone's.

A poem about the beauty hidden in winter.

A prose piece about life, choices, and death.

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Piecing Together

It started with crying. At least that is my first conscious memory, the terror I felt when trying to go to sleep as a toddler. Nap times...

The Story of My Adoption Story

For someone who writes others' adoption stories mine is significantly absent. This is because, like many adoptees, I struggle with...


What does identity mean and what purpose does it serve? I keep thinking of the identities we give ourselves and the ones others give to...

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