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Oh, Winter

Updated: Mar 27

Oh, winter

How I have complained of your cold breezes

with low heavy clouds

How I have detested your presence leaving

the branches bare

The brown

The death

The stillness

Oh, winter,

May I make amends to you for my lack of

compassion in your process

May I be forgiven by you for my confused

understanding of what you define

The soft

The grand

The gift

Oh, winter,

Now I understand your reprieve from the

obtrusive light that produces

Now I appreciate your need for the

moments between that allow rest

The deep

The dark

The internal

Oh, winter

Below the surface, you are making something

from what was

Below the surface, you are preparing something

for what will be

The next

The light

The bloom

Oh, winter

I see your beauty and delight in the blanket

you have laid down

I see your magic breathe deeper daring to feel

your icy fingers

Bathe in brown

Rest in dark

Know the internal

Oh, winter

I am aware that you come to show me the

way of life

I am aware that you come to guide me in the

way of nurture

The clear

The quiet

The hope

Oh, winter

As each breath leaves a cloud of crystalline

I send you my gratitude

As each thought prepares for what will be

I prove my devotion


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