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Cycles of Light

Earlier this month, I had a phase. One I'm deeply familiar with, where focus becomes almost impossible, and the effort to do so taxed me. Where things got muted as though I was underwater yet walking through the mud at the same time, unaware of direction yet still moving somewhere, just not sure where exactly.

I have learned not to resist in these moments. To relax all the muscles trying desperately for the freedom and ease they once held. I've learned that struggling against it just sinks you further, kinda like quicksand. It's still not my favorite phase, but we co-exist and I let it take its time with me.

And then the solstice came and shined its light evaporating the water and drying the mud. Then I was flying. My old friend focus came back to me: so glad for its return. I just felt lighter. I am not sure why the summer solstice affects me this way. In my witchy way, I've been paying attention to the moon, planet, and sun cycles and how I feel during each stage. It's an unexplainable pattern but a pattern nonetheless.

The cycle will repeat again and while I may not be pleased about it, I will allow it and even work towards being grateful for it. Until then, friends, I'm soaking up the light.


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