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Every Mistake

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I had a dream months ago, in it I was trying desperately to write down a sentence that Jesus gave to me. Urgently trying to remember the sentence, until I could find a pen, find paper, and write it down. I woke up before I could write it.

But I remembered at least part of the sentence upon waking up.

"Every mistake God has already paid for."

Sure, you say, that's Christianity 101, Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, silly! But take a minute and read the sentence aloud, slowly, with intention.








Not just sin, mistake. Paid for, meaning there's no one coming to hunt us down for a past due balance. It also means we don't need to go collect from someone else.

So much of my life has been trying to be perfect and every mistake and sin I make would be wrapped around my body, making it hard to move and reminding me of the cost. The price I must pay to earn back love, kindness, respect.

Well, this dream was reminding me, that's a lie. The punishment I was inflicting on myself, on others, could be given to Him.

We can live in grace.


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