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Going Back to the Beginning

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Originally this blog was private and just for myself. It was my spiritual outlet to work out what I believed and what I didn't as I began inspecting the Christianity I was raised with and learning metaphysical perspectives.

At some point in that process, I began writing creatively again and using writing to unpack all my experiences not just spiritual ones. So, I took the step to make it public and share my creative writing.

My writing continues to evolve. I've joined writing groups and submitted pieces to journals and it's been wonderful to be published in other spaces. I also learned that many journals and publishers don't accept pieces previously published, including those on a personal website.

So I decided to separate the work I would be sending to submissions. This meant when I did take the time to write, it was usually with a focus on publication. And as much as I loved it, I found it limiting. That restriction caused me to be indifferent to writing at all and I soon stopped creating much of anything for any format.

But last night I joined an Author's Studio presented by Adoptee Voices on adoptee bloggers. And they inspired me to redefine what Sages and Pages will be. In a way, I'm going back to the beginning.

You'll start to see more entries like this - thoughts and reflections and less mostly finished creative writing. I was looking in my notes on my phone and I have a few topics I have been thinking about but didn't fit into the publication aspect, but I realize, they'll fit here, now.

So, here's to going back to the beginning, sort of, I'll again just write until things make sense, but I'll be keeping the blog public for now. I'm sure this space will continue to change as I do.

But I'm grateful for you joining me on the ride.


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