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The Path Before Me

There are people who, after a pivotal event or through some internal insight, make drastic changes in their lives. As though one day everything clicks, the missing gear snaps into place, twisting and twirling their life into purpose. I am not one of those people.

I am a slow burn.

The metaphorical tortoise.

I plod.

Sometimes I watch in envy as others clearly proceed to their intended destination. I stop to munch on a leaf. Losing sight of the path, still unsure of the destination.

As a teenager, I grew up across the street from a man who played violin. I’m sure I saw him around, but I can’t remember what he looked like or what his name was. But I still remember the beautiful feeling of listening to his violin float through the neighborhood on a quiet summer afternoon. Waking up to a breeze through the window carrying the sound to my sleeping soul.

If I think about my purpose and my impact on others, this is how I imagine it. As soft currents that often don’t really connect to me personally, but to the greater humanity. And always, unintentionally.


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