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What I Went Looking For

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I looked at the world around me taking inventory.

3 of this

2 of that

None of what I want

Nothing of what I was looking for

So I passed by the 3 of this

I passed by the 2 of that

In defiance, I continued on

My feet thumping thumping thumping on the ground

My eyes darting darting darting around me


There was nothing

Feet slowed, eyes closed

I crumbled down

"Here," a voice said

With hands open, they offered me a gift

"It's all I have and all you need"

5 items sat before me

Shinning in the new sun

3 of this

2 of that

Nothing I was looking for

Everything I needed to begin

"Dust yourself off"

I rose as a flower blooms

Without intent

My eyes steady on the horizon

"Well, here I go."

Related Inspiration: Dyan "Looking for Knives"


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