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Writing Until It Makes Sense

A mix of creative writing and reflective pieces on topics like family, identity, adoption, and race.

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Favorite Pieces

A piece reflecting on race and definition of self.

A prose piece on my adoptive mother's passing.

A prose piece on childhood, motherhood, and well, responsibility.

A prose piece about life, death, and what happens in between.

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Newest Additions

A little reflective writing based on a day that made previous days make more sense.

Part reflection, part prose piece about finding comfort in sadness.

A poem about loving a heart made complicated by life. So, you know, everyone's.

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It starts out so simple and the first face you see you can't really see, you more sense them. And they usually weep at the joy and...

When We Were Close Enough To Touch

I long for a body that was never harmed That didn't recoil from violent words and rough hands Shrinking in fear of being seen I long for...


I no longer want to change my past or my life. This blanket that's been knitted now brings me comfort. Even when others added...

Chosen Things

I chose to embrace the parts of myself that disgust me. The parts where I judge and hate and snicker. The parts where I slice and dice my...

Thoughts About Writing

As I've started putting my writing out there I have noticed how critical I can be. And how uncomfortable it is asking for followers,...


From my house, I heard the murmur of Highway 77. The cars talking to each other in a constant tone. For a moment I felt guilty for...

What I Leave For My Children

How grateful to be part of this tapestry one small thread that remains after death May it reflect love well may it be a story to tell...

62 Degrees in a Minnesotan April

62 degrees and I'm not thinking of my memories Now all I feel is a warm breeze after a winter freeze and the birds in the trees The blue...

In Gratitude of Life

Thank you for the clouds and the air and the breaths that it bears Thank you for the rivers and the trees and the strength that they see...

The Story of My Adoption Story

For someone who writes others' adoption stories mine is significantly absent. This is because, like many adoptees, I struggle with...

Make of It What You Will

"But she's not Black!" I overheard my White adopted mother proclaim to my White stepfather after a visit from "concerned' neighbors...


Silence with closed eyes Leads to a memory of violence I sit until I need you again The safe hands of a friend Standing in the shower...


That winter when the snow didn't seem to stop. Pushing from the sky and concealing the ground in layers, we had each other. You can't...

Aspiring Not Striving

The shift from striving into aspiring seems subtle in words but is large in impact.


What does identity mean and what purpose does it serve? I keep thinking of the identities we give ourselves and the ones others give to...

Pain Within, Joy Without

I sit, holding myself Trying to comfort and find hope to soothe the pain out of me Pain and joy erupt from deep inside enveloping waves...


Rejection brings about fear, shame, and self-doubt. Let's learn how to move through those feelings.

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