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Writing Until It Makes Sense

A mix of creative writing and reflective pieces on topics like family, identity, adoption, and race.

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Favorite Pieces

A piece reflecting on race and definition of self.

A prose piece on my adoptive mother's passing.

A prose piece on childhood, motherhood, and well, responsibility.

A prose piece about life, death, and what happens in between.

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Newest Additions

A little reflective writing based on a day that made previous days make more sense.

Part reflection, part prose piece about finding comfort in sadness.

A poem about loving a heart made complicated by life. So, you know, everyone's.

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Pain isn't bad, as long as you don't hide or ignore it.

Every Mistake

We can stop holding ourselves and other hostage for mistakes made. Accept grace.

Let Them Leave

All the reasons in the world won't change the truth.

Stay True

The best way to find the true is understanding what is false.


Do not underestimate the power and strength of love. Of God's love for you.

What I Went Looking For

What happens when don't find what we're looking for? Here's to our messes, may they be beautiful and powerful.

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